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Are you currently a grad student, undergrad, postdoc, or a recent graduate? If so, we invite you to participate in our Student and Young Investigator Section (SYIS) activities at the conference! The SYIS council plans events and activities tailored to those of us really just beginning our careers.

For the 2022 annual meeting, some of the events we are planning include:

Monday, July 11th

Meal with SYIS Plenary Speaker (before or after presentation at 8 am – 9 am)

Description: SYIS will be hosting one of the plenary speakers, Dr. Charles Gersbach, for the TERMIS- AM conference. In addition, we plan to provide an opportunity for SYIS volunteers to meet with Dr. Gersbach through breakfast or lunch on the day of the plenary session.

SYIS Social, 8:30 pm – 9:30 pm

Description: The SYIS Social is a welcoming reception for students and young investigators at the conference. This event is intended to provide a setting where SYIS attendees can meet and network with their peers and learn about the other SYIS events happening throughout conference. Drinks and snacks will be provided during the event.

Tuesday, July 12th

Wellness Activity, 6:15 am – 7:30 am

Description: This event will provide an informal setting for students, young investigators, faculty, and other senior scientists to meet each other and participate in a fun  fitness activity during the conference. We will either hold a team building water-based activity (depending upon pool availability), an instructor-led Yoga session with a hotel-provided instructor, or a 5k fun run. A light breakfast will also be provided.

Student-Meet-Mentor Luncheon, 11:30 am – 1 pm

Description: This event gives students and young investigators the opportunity to enjoy a multi-course lunch with senior faculty and scientists working in the fields of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Mentors will include session chairs, TERMIS faculty members, and local industry leaders.

Wednesday, July 13th

Career Panel Discussion, 1 pm – 2:30 pm

Description: The Career Panel Discussion will consist of professionals representing careers in academia, industry, government agencies and institutes, and entrepreneurship. This event will enable students and young investigators to learn about these scientists’ experiences in their respective sectors and understand the opportunities that different career paths offer. In addition to a moderated discussion, this panel will include a Q&A portion to encourage discussion between the panelists and attendees.

Facility Tour, 3 – 6 pm

Description: To engage with the Toronto biotech industry and provide SYIS attendees the opportunity to visit a commercial facility, we are working with businesses nearby the hotel to organize a tour through their facilities. This event will provide trainees insight into how research laboratories operate outside the standard academic environment.

Additional Conference Initiatives

SYIS Passport

Description: The SYIS Passport is a booklet of conference activities that SYIS attendees may complete to be entered into a raffle for a prize. The goal of this activity is to encourage SYIS participants to network with other conference attendees and provide a fun incentive to remain engaged throughout the conference. This program will include activities such as meeting with the new class of FTERM members or the editors of select journals, asking presenters questions at the oral and poster sessions, engaging with the exhibitors at their booths, and participating in SYIS events.

Session Co-Chairs

Description: SYIS volunteers will work with faculty session chairs to run their designated scientific session at the conference.

Information Booth

Description: This information booth will serve as a hub to advertise our SYIS conference events and answer questions about our ongoing SYIS initiatives. In addition, this booth will enable trainees who are interested in becoming involved with SYIS to discuss leadership opportunities with current Council members.


Description: We will put up signs in the conference venue to advertise our SYIS events (signs will include event details such as starting time and location). Additionally, we plan to distribute pamphlets to SYIS attendees to increase the awareness about the SYIS section of our society and highlight our ongoing initiatives.


Oral and Poster Awards

Description: Awards will be given to the highest-rated poster and oral presentations given at the conference. Candidates for these awards will be pre-selected based on their abstract scores.

Availability: 2 poster presentation awards and 3 oral presentation awards

SYIS Scientific Abstract Awards

Description: The goal of this award is to recognize the scientific excellence of students and young investigators working in the fields of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. We will select the recipients by inviting SYIS applicants whose abstracts scored within the top 50 to submit a graphical abstract of their work. Awards will be granted to two students and two young investigators based on their graphical abstract score. Awardees will receive a $200 or $500 travel stipend (amount dependent on availability of funds).


  1. Applicants must be investigators early in their careers, including graduate students and postdoctoral fellows (< 5 years out postdoctoral experience).
  2. Candidates must submit an abstract for TERMIS-AM and SYIS for consideration.
  3. Attendance at the meeting is required to obtain the award

Availability: Two students, two young investigators

SYIS Career Development Award for TERMIS-AM Members from Latin America

Description: The SYIS Career Development Award will be granted to two students or young investigators working in Latin American countries who have demonstrated outstanding scientific achievements. The award will provide a $1,000 travel stipend for the TERMIS-AM conference.


  1. Candidates must be trainees or young investigators (< 5 years as a postdoc) from TERMIS-AM countries outside US & Canada.
  2. Curriculum Vitae demonstrating outstanding efforts for the development of scientific research.
  3. Attendance at the meeting is required to obtain the award.

Availability: Two students or young investigators (up to 4 awards may be granted pending availability of funds)

In addition, we support Scientific Excellence and Career Development awards to help enable more SYIS attendees to attend the conference, as well as poster and oral presentation awards for the top presenters at the conference. To learn more and connect with us, visit the TERMIS-SYIS AM webpage, Twitter, and LinkedIn! Check back on the page regularly for updates about SYIS events and activities for the 2022 annual meeting!

You can learn more about SYIS by visiting here.

The definitions for a student and young investigator per TERMIS are as follows:

– Student: A student is any individual who is engaged as a graduate or undergraduate in a university or college program or as an MD resident and is actively interested in research in the field of TERM.  Students are required to provide their university ID for verification of their undergraduate/graduate status.

– Young Investigator: Young Investigators are defined as persons who are employed in the field of TERM, who have been either awarded a doctoral degree within the past three (3) years or are working as researchers and have less than seven (7) years research experience following master’s degree. Young Investigators should not hold an appointment as faculty, academic staff or group leader in a university/research institute or in industry.  Young investigators are required to have their advisor/supervisor send a letter as proof of the bona fide status of the young investigator.